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We’re going back to the zoo….

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Australia zoo photography experience

Australia zoo photography workshop.

Sunday 16th July we are heading back to Australia zoo for another fun day of photography. This will be our fourth visit to Australia Zoo and is a day not to be missed if you have a passion for animals and photography.  This is a beginners workshop so we will spend the first part of the day guiding you through the functions of your camera with an emphasis on using the camera manually, we then take a break to watch the world famous croc show before enjoying lunch. In the afternoon we begin our exploration of the zoo with plenty of opportunities to explore and capture amazing photos of animals as diverse as crocodiles, snakes, koalas, birds, tigers, zebras and more whilst testing out the camera techniques discussed in the morning session.

What you will learn on the day

Understanding and controlling exposure using the camera manual and priority modes, aperture and shutter speeds, what are they and how do they affect the image, the advantages of using the manual versus auto, focusing modes and selective focusing, understanding lens focal length, depth of field, focus modes, using and understanding ISO, white balance.

 For more details on this workshop – click here.

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