6 Brisbane photographers to follow on Instagram

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We love Instagram

Instagram is a fun, simple and a free way of sharing images with the world, a twenty four seven constantly updating gallery featuring amazing photos that inspire creativity and give us an insight to how others view and capture the world around them. Instagram launched in 2010, gained over 100 million active users in the first two years two years and has continued to grow with over 400 million active users to date.  Over 300 billion images have been shared so far with over 80 million new images uploaded to Instagram every day.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 Brisbane based Instagrammers (in no particular order) that we feel you should follow. Please feel free to reply and comment and maybe share your personal Insta-favourites or just plug your own Instagram page.

6 Brisbane photographers to follow on Instagram

1. @swaller4  

With over 22,000 followers, Brisbane-based TV Producer Stephen Waller travels around Australia capturing nature, star trails, cascading waterfalls and stunning landscapes.

Check out @swaller4 on Instagram

2. @benmulder

Living on the Brisbane bayside, Ben’s Instagram feed is full of colour, he describes himself as “Chasing Sunsets and exploring this amazing planet” with his trusty Nikon D7200 & D80.

Check out @ benmulder on Instagram

3. @lucas_maher_photography

Lucas Maher is a talented photographer and graphic designer living in Brisbane, his Instagram images are a mix of local landscapes, sunsets and portraits as well as some appealing travel photography. Definitely one to watch!

Check out @lucas_maher_photography on Instagram

4. @suewhit

Sue’s Instagram features mostly landscape images captured in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, she shoots with a Canon 5DMkIV, 6D and has recently added a Mavic drone to her kit.

Check out @suewhit on Instagram

5. @reubennutt

With an impressive 10,000+ following him on Instagram, 18 year old Rue Benutt describes himself as a Brisbane based explorer and forerunner. His stunning photography showcases his passion for nature photography and travel.  We particularly love how he occasionally features himself in his images.

Check out @reubennutt on Instagram

6. @brisbane.photographer

Stan Kaplunov is a Brisbane real estate photographer who’s Instagram feed consists of an eclectic mix of abstract images, Brisbane views, Sunsets and lots of great photos of his cat!

Check out @brisbane.photographer on Instagram

And finally . . . . .

Don’t forget to check out the Photo Genius Instagram which features images captured during our travels and includes plenty of behind the scenes photos from our photography courses and workshops in Brisbane.   www.instagram.com/photogeniusbrisbane

Photo Genius on Instagram

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