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DJI Spark mini drone

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DJI spark mini drone

Drones are all the rage at the moment, they’ve been embraced by photographers and videographers alike and enable us to capture both still images and video from viewpoints that were previously out of reach to the average person.  Last year drone manufacturer DJI released a portable drone called the Mavic Pro which was an instant hit, but attention now shifts to the latest addition to the family which was announced at an event in New York…

The Spark is DJI’s smallest and most portable drone yet and offers some impressive features.  The (literally) palm sized drone can take off from the palm of your hand and can be  controlled by simple hand gestures, a smartphone app offers more complex control as well as an optional remote.  The footage is very impressive with the in built camera offering  full HD quality from the 12MP sensor, plus a two-axis gimble for stable shots. The Spark ships from June 15th and retails for just $499 USD (approx $670 AUD here in Australia.)

Here’s some of the key specifications plus a cool video to enjoy . . .

Flight time : 16min
Transmission distance : 2Km
Max speed 50 Km/h
Camera 12MP
Gimbal 2-Axis

The spark is available to purchase online : DJI Spark

 For more info visit the : DJI website. 

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