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Essential camera gear for your camera bag

By May 5, 2017 No Comments

So you’ve got the camera, maybe a lens or two and a bag to put it in.  Here’s our guide to 5 essential items that should be in every photographers camera bag.

Aside from your camera, there are a handful of things that you should consider having a permanent place in your camera bag, some may be obvious whilst some may be less so – here’s our top 5.

1.  Manfrotto PIXI travel tripod 

The Manfrotto PIXI is a marvel of design and will fit easily into the smallest camera bags. Sturdy enough for mirrorless cameras and lighter DSLR’s, the PIXI features a mini ball head and fold down legs so it can double as a mini selfie stick.  Perfect for travelling light and getting you out of trouble when you’ve left your full size tripod at home.
We also purchased the manfrotto smartphone clamp for recording videos and time lapses with the iPhone.

manfrotto pixi

2. Spare memory cards

There’s nothing worse than running out of memory!!  Often overlooked is to simply purchase a spare memory card or two so you’ve always got plenty of room for those amazing images. Make sure you purchase good quality cards from the likes of Sandisk or Lexar.

3. Pixel pocket rocket memory card wallet

OK, so you’ve got the spare memory cards, but where to keep them.  The strangely named Pixel pocket rocket is a wallet designed to keep your memory cards safe and organised. Our pro tip is to make sure you have the cards formatted and ready to go before you put them in the wallet, and when you swap a full card for an empty card make sure the full card goes back in the wallet upside down so you know it has images on it.

Available in a range of different colours.

pixel pocket rocket

4. The Nifty Fifty (50mm f1.8 prime lens)

If theres one lens you should have in your camera bag it’s a prime. A prime lens is a lens that has a fixed focal length (No zoom), the bonus with prime lenses is they have wider apertures than zoom lenses making them ideal for shooting in low light and creating lovely blurry backgrounds in your photos (also know as a shallow depth of field).  You can buy prime lenses in a range of different focal lengths with the 24mm, 35mm and 50mm being the most popular, however the 50mm f1.8 (also known as the nifty fifty) is the pick of the bunch for value for money.

Check out our video all about the Nifty Fifty on the Photo Genius channel on YouTube.

There nifty fifty

5. Spare camera battery 

An often overlooked accessory is a spare camera battery. It’s frustrating when you grab your camera and head out for a day of shooting only for the battery to go flat.

nikon battery

Watch the video ‘5 must have items for your camera bag’.

So what have we missed?  What are the items that always have a place in your camera bag? Please leave your comments below.

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