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Memory card tips for photographers

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memory card tips

Paul Farris from Photo Genius shares some handy tips on using and looking after your memory cards.

1. Format your card.
Let’s begin with what is almost certainly the most important tip, and this is to format the memory card before use. Always form new cards prior to use, but if you’ve got some older cards it’s also a good idea to format them as well.  Be aware that formatting the card in the camera will delete the images on the card, but what it essentially does is to clean up the card and set it up ready to store new images.

Watch the video below to see how to format the card.

2. Buy a good quality memory card.
So you’ve invested in a good camera, a lens or two, maybe a tripod and a few other accessories – none of that matters if your memory card fails and you lose your images. My advice is to purchase good quality cards from a reputable supplier, trying to save a few dollars by buying cheap memory cards is not a good idea.

We recommend memory cards from either Sandisk or Lexar.

3. Never remove a card whilst the camera is still saving images.
On most cameras a light will appear on the back of the camera after taking a photo to indicate the camera is writing information to the card, when the light has gone out it is safe to remove the card. Although not essential it is often also better to turn the camera off before removing or install a card – just in case.

4. Don’t swap cards from camera to camera.
This is a mistake I’ve seen more than a few times. When you format the card the camera sets it up in a particular way, if you then put the card in another camera that uses a different system then you risk corrupting the data and losing images.  If you use more one camera then my advice is simply to buy more memory cards.

5. Storage
Now whilst memory cards are fairly robust I think it’s still important to look after them.  There are lots of card holders which you can buy but my choice is the strangely named ‘Pixel pocket rocket’ (from Think Tank).

Bonus tip : When I fill a card up and take it out of the camera the card goes back in the holder facing backwards, that way I know that I know that card has images on it that need be saved.

Hope you enjoyed these tips.

Paul Farris (Photo Genius)

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