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At Photo Genius our goal is simple – to show people how to take better photos by sharing our knowledge, listening, demonstrating and encouraging creativity with personal service that is second to none.
We absolutely love photography and want to share that passion with you.

About our photography courses

If you are a complete novice or are unfamiliar with your camera then the perfect place to start is with our Beginners Photography Workshop, this is our most popular course and includes a morning of essential theory followed by an afternoon of practical photo taking around the South Bank parklands in Brisbane. Alternatively our Simply SLR Course is a short four hour theory / practical session and a great place to start understanding how to get more from your digital camera.  An optional Practical SLR Course is also available and is designed as a follow-on to the Simply SLR Course.
Our Beyond The Basics Workshop is designed as a follow-on to our beginners courses with an emphasis on composition and introducing more advanced photography techniques.
Finally we also offer private One-to-One tuition for a more personalised approach to learning and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, interests and skill level. This is ideal for businesses who require photos for product, websites, blogs etc.

For the beginner

Short beginner courses, no camera knowledge required

Beginners workshop

Perfect for the novice, our day-long photography workshop combines a morning session covering essential camera theory along with an afternoon of picture taking and ample time for trying out new techniques, hands-on practical advice and time for questions. An enjoyable day and good mix of theory and practical with no prior camera or photographic knowledge required.

$199 – Click for dates, booking & info

Simply SLR course

This short four hour photography course will guide you through the key features of your camera such as aperture and shutter speed and show you when and how to use them for instantly better and more creative photos. Held at South bank Brisbane, this course is the perfect introduction for the beginner who is keen to explore and understand their cameras manual settings and leave the automatic ‘point and shoot’ modes behind.

$99 – Click for dates, booking & info

Practical course

Designed as a follow up to our popular ‘Simply SLR’ course or for those who already feel more confident in understanding exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This short 4 hour practical session involves an afternoon of picture taking at South bank parklands and trying out different photography techniques that include capturing movement, depth of field, low light and night photography with tripods provided.

$99 – Click for dates, booking & info

Advanced workshops and private tuition

Beyond the basics

This advanced workshop is an all day session designed as a follow up to our beginners workshop and ideal for anyone wishing to further their photography knowledge and learn some advanced techniques. This workshop will provide plenty of useful tips during a day of taking photos in the Brisbane CBD with the assistance and guidance of our knowledgeable tutors.

$199 – Click for dates, booking & info

One-to-One tuition

Why not let us tailor a private One-to-One session that is just right for you. We can help you understand your digital camera by talking you through your camera features, answering your questions, taking photos and reviewing and discussing the results. We can also help you with editing your images.
With One-to-One the focus is on you.

$250 – Click for dates, booking & info

Other courses and workshops

iPhone photography course

This short course is designed to show you how to get the most from your iPhone and covers image capture, composition, creative tips and editing your images using recommended apps. Our tutor will start by guiding you through the basics in air-conditioned comfort before venturing outside to take some photos. You will then be shown how to edit your images simply and quickly to produce stunning photos you will be proud to share with family and friends.

$75 – Click for dates, booking & info

Australia Zoo Photography Workshop

Join us for an informative and fun day of wildlife photography at the world famous Australia Zoo. What could be better than learning how to take better photos with your digital camera, and then putting it to the test and capturing photos of some of the amazing animals, from the tiniest lizard to the tallest giraffe there will plenty to see – this will be a day to remember. This workshop is designed with the novice in mind and begins with a morning theory session followed by an afternoon of practical picture taking with ample time for questions and two Photo Genius instructors on hand to assist you and help you capture some amazing photos.

$375 – Click for dates, booking & info

Night Photography Course

This short three hour practical workshop is packed with tips and advice on how to take great photos after dark. A small group guided by a Photo Genius tutor ensures everyone gets plenty of attention and the chance to capture some great photos of Brisbane city at night. We meet at the Cliffs Cafe, 29 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point at 5pm, after a short briefing we begin by taking some photos of the city views as the sun sets, we then walk down to the riverside for more photos and then head onto the Story Bridge. Student numbers are strictly limited and as usual loan tripods will be provided upon request.

$75 – Click for dates, booking & info

Excellent course and highly recommended. After attending the course I am using on manual mode and getting amazing results. The teacher was great and very professional. My rating is 10/10.

Dr Karthik M

I really enjoyed the course. It was the perfect combination of theory and practical and I went from never having used manual mode to feeling confident by the end of the day. I'm looking forward to getting out there and practising my newly learnt skills.

S Gan

I found the course most helpful, well-paced and a great learning environment - good blend of theory and practical. I have done camera courses before and have come away just as befuddled as I went in. This one sank in and has given me the confidence to go further and move from auto to manual. I will be doing your advanced course once I have put into practice what I learned from the initial workshop.

D Hempel