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Want to take one of our courses but don’t yet have a camera?  No problem, we can lend you a camera for the duration of the course or workshop.

Choose from three DSLR cameras, a Nikon D3400, Nikon D3500 or a Canon EOS 1300D – the cost of this is just $30 which covers insurance for the duration of the course or workshop.

Bookings can be made up to 12 weeks in advance, for more info scroll down the page.

How to book a camera in 5 easy steps.

1. Choose a camera from the drop down menu.
2. Select a date from the calander (available dates are green, if it’s red try booking a different camera) – we suggest booking your place on a course or workshop first.
3. Click on date.
4. Click on book now then click on cart and follow the booking process
5. Relax – Your booking is completed & we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm nor booking.

About this course / workshop

We will provide you with one DSLR digital camera (choose from a Nikon D3400, Nikon D3500 or Canon EOS 1300D) plus 1 lens for the duration off the course or workshop.

The camera will be fully charged and ready to go.

What about the SD card?
Bring along your own SD card, however please ensure it is a new card or contains no image.

What if I have never used a digital SLR camera before?
No problem, our courses are designed for beginners, you do not need any prior camera knowledge. 

Why is there a charge for this?
Accidents happen, so the ‘rental’ charge covers insurance of the camera and lens just in case!

I also need a tripod for the workshop, can you provide one?
Yes, we provide loan tripods free of charge – just let us know if you require one.


Choose a camera

Canon EOS 1300D, Nikon D3500, Nikon D3400


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